A precious, refined pen, even though it is designed for promotion. Mood Metal is the Maxema collection’s ultimate expression of exclusivity and refinement. The shine of the metal - with its diamond mirror finish - that characterises the tip, barrel and cap is striking, while the plastic clip offers space and colour for customisation. The Parker refill completes the equipment of a pen conceived on the basis of high quality standards and carefully crafted with artisan techniques. The metal finish comes in three versions: chrome, gold and titanium grey.
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Promotional Mood Pens MD1-CM Mood Pens MD1-CM1
Promotional Mood Pens MD1-CM2 Mood Pens MD1-CM2
Mood Metal Pens MD1-MM Mood Metal Pens MD1-MM
Mood Metal Pens MD1-MM4 Mood Metal Pens MD1-MM4
Promotional Mood Pens MD1-CM3 Mood Pens MD1-CM3
Mood Metal Pens MD1-MM2 Mood Metal Pens MD1-MM2