Promotional Pens Maxema Bay MATT-CB


Technical Specifications


Promotional Pens Bay - BM-MATT-CB

Maxema Pens Printable Area


Promotional Pen Features

• Multi-color printing on the pen clip is included.
• Additional $0.25 to print 2nd position (C).
• MOQ : 200 pcs. (US stock)
• No Set Up Charge
• Free Virtual Sample 
• Free Individual Packing

• Twist-Action
• Made with non-toxic, highly resistant ABS plastic.
• Matte finish barrel and clip
• X-20 refill 6500 feet of writing.
• Pen refill: blue ink  (black optional)


Pen Printing areas

( 1 ) 30 x 7 mm / 1.18" x 0.27" - (clip) Multi-Color UV Printing
( 2 ) 50 x 5 mm / 1.95" x 0.20" -  (barrel) Multi-Color UV Printing


Pens Packing Details

Main Box : 1000 pcs.
Dimensions : 15.35 x 12.6 x 8.26 ( inches )
Weight : 21.3 ( Lbs )


Bay B500 Matt CB is a plastic ballpoint pen with a classic and unique design best for your company’s promotion. This customized logo pen is a perfect tool when it comes to market your brand. These customized ballpoint pens are best promotional sources because they’re used throughout the year by huge industries maximizing brands’ prominence. Such productive items are mostly used in seminars and conferences where people distribute them as giveaways. Be the first to elevate your business with these customized ballpoint pens…it’s never too late.     

This quality logo pen comes with a matte finish barrel and clip. This exquisite design is made to captivate the eye of the observer. Because everything has to be taken care of before reaching your targeted audience, we provide this twist-action mechanism in these custom ballpoint pens, so your customers don’t get uncomfortable by repeated clicking of pen or taking off the cap of the pen. The product is made of ABS plastic because of its nontoxicity and environment friendly nature. The pen is specially designed to gain attraction to your brand. It comes with an X20 ink refill in blue or back (optional) that can last up to 6500ft in writing.

If you want your brand to be known, the best solution is to use these customized logo pens, for marketing your brand, Maxema offers printing on two different areas of these ballpoint pens: one on the clip and the other on the barrel. A print on barrel will only cost you an additional $0.25. Printing on these ball pens is done using multicolored UV printing technique giving it a clear and smooth finish. 

Pen Price Table (C)

$ 1.65
$ 1.41
$ 1.33
$ 1.25
$ 1.17
$ 1.09



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Enter Quantity for Promotional Pens Maxema Bay MATT-CB

Code Product Image Product Name Enter Quantity Quantity Available Reserved Stock Net Available
BM-Matt-CB-04 Maxema Bay Pen BM-Matt-CB-04 On Demand 0 -1
BM-Matt-CB-22 Maxema Bay Pen BM-Matt-CB-22 On Demand 0 -1
BM-Matt-CB-77 Maxema Bay Pen BM-Matt-CB-77 On Demand 0 -1
BM-Matt-CB-05 Maxema Bay Pen BM-Matt-CB-05 On Demand 0 -1
BM-Matt-CB-79 Maxema Bay Pen BM-Matt-CB-79 On Demand 0 -1
BM-Matt-CB-09 Maxema Bay Pen BM-Matt-CB-09 On Demand 0 -1
BM-Matt-CB-12 Maxema Bay Pen BM-Matt-CB-12 On Demand 0 -1
BM-Matt-CB-15 Maxema Bay Pen BM-Matt-CB-15 On Demand 0 -1
BM-Matt-CB-18 Maxema Bay Pen BM-Matt-CB-18 On Demand 0 -1
BM-Matt-CB-75 Maxema Bay Pen BM-Matt-CB-75 On Demand 0 -1
Note: Quantities are subject to change and are not final. Note that we receive new shipments on regular basis or many times can be manufactured based on the order. If you require bigger quantity, please contact us for delivery time. The weight and size of the products are just an estimate and may be different than the actual weight or size. The exact shipment weight or dimension will be calculated once the order is confirmed.


Packaging Details

Code Available Quantity Product Name Item Weight Pieces in a Pack Carton Weight Carton Size
BM-Matt-CB-04 On Demand Maxema Bay Pen BM-Matt-CB-04 0.009 1000 9.640 kg 39x32x21 cm
BM-Matt-CB-22 On Demand Maxema Bay Pen BM-Matt-CB-22 0.009 1000 9.640 kg 39x32x21 cm
BM-Matt-CB-77 On Demand Maxema Bay Pen BM-Matt-CB-77 0.009 1000 9.640 kg 39x32x21 cm
BM-Matt-CB-05 On Demand Maxema Bay Pen BM-Matt-CB-05 0.009 1000 9.640 kg 39x32x21 cm
BM-Matt-CB-79 On Demand Maxema Bay Pen BM-Matt-CB-79 0.009 1000 9.640 kg 39x32x21 cm
BM-Matt-CB-09 On Demand Maxema Bay Pen BM-Matt-CB-09 0.009 1000 9.640 kg 39x32x21 cm
BM-Matt-CB-12 On Demand Maxema Bay Pen BM-Matt-CB-12 0.009 1000 9.640 kg 39x32x21 cm
BM-Matt-CB-15 On Demand Maxema Bay Pen BM-Matt-CB-15 0.009 1000 9.640 kg 39x32x21 cm
BM-Matt-CB-18 On Demand Maxema Bay Pen BM-Matt-CB-18 0.009 1000 9.640 kg 39x32x21 cm
BM-Matt-CB-75 On Demand Maxema Bay Pen BM-Matt-CB-75 0.009 1000 9.640 kg 39x32x21 cm




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